Core Essentials


STOP doing dead-end and damaging Core Exercises that are causing your flair-ups and chronic pain.

"Lower back pain sufferers (or what I like to call "students") shouldn't be doing mainstream core exercises. They continue using these dead-end exercises to find relief and have nowhere else to turn."

Until now. 


"You have already answered questions I had but no one to ask. I have scoured the internet and feel like I finally found what I've been looking for"

-Valerie P.



Hey Friend,

My name is William Richards and I’ve been studying, creating and implementing strategic Low Back Pain relief strategies for people all over the world for the past 8+ years.


I'll never forget the 8 years I wrestled with core training specifically for lower back pain relief. I felt like I had done all the research, applied all the knowledge I had and finally come up with something for me to follow that was going to be a game-changer.

Instead, I wasted years in pain dealing with flair-up after flair-up. The only path that made sense was to go backward but if you have ever dealt with lower back pain before, going backward isn't an option. You fight, work hard and have earned the relief (if any) you experience today. 

Maybe for you, it's not about being stuck where you are but not even getting a chance to start? 

Maybe you're scared to death to start trying out exercises because all you read online is conflicting information on what you should and shouldn't be doing. That's super frustrating and very dangerous at the same time. 

You want relief and are willing to do what it takes, you just don’t know the right steps to take to make it a reality.


 Believe me, I have worked with so many people who feel the exact same way.


Can you relate to any of these people I have worked with?

==> “I never really know whether I’m doing the right thing for my specific situation”

==>“I have no idea what sets, reps and how often I should exercise to stop flair-ups and build my core strength for lasting relief”

==>“I feel like I’ve consumed so much information yet still feel lost without a clear understanding of where to start and when it’s safe to progress.


You don’t have to be afraid of doing the wrong thing and wonder what core exercises to start with to keep you out of pain.


I was diagnosed with a ruptured L5-S1 Disk in my early twenties.

I'll never forget the feeling that came over me when the doctors said that to me. All the pain I had been having started to make sense which gave me a sense of relief but hearing that it was irreversible and more than likely going to change my ability to exercise and do life, forever crushed me.

Tons of thoughts flooded my head

  • What did I do?
  • I thought I was healthy?
  • All these years of strength training I thought would make me stronger and protect me from injuries. 

I have gone through the medical system. I spoke with as many to as many guru's as I could afford. I finally gave up on finding someone to show me how it's done and spent the next few years reverse-engineering the way I looked at "core training". 

Not everyone has my background though. What about the people who hate working out but their back is killing them and all their doctor keeps saying is "start exercising" or "strengthen your core". This is extremely overwhelming for people who don't consider themselves "active" when it comes to an exercise program.

Over the years I have met and worked with so many people who are stuck. They know their core is weak and they know they need to make a change but they are scared to death of what to do. 


Just like you, these clients had the same fears before starting any kind of exercise program.


  • "I am just so afraid of the pain I had before surgery. I'm afraid to try anything for fear I will hurt myself."


  • "I don't know what exercises actually help and which exercises do more harm than good."


  • "There is so much conflicting information on core training for back pain."


  • "After years of failed physiotherapy, I am still clueless as to what exercises, reps, sets, and duration I should be doing."


  • "What core exercises should I do? PT seems to take weeks and weeks but I haven't noticed any difference." 


I can completely understand where you as a sufferer are coming from. You have no clue where to turn to get trustworthy information. Your doctor is clueless, your trainer doesn't have enough knowledge and you don't have access to any other skilled professionals. 

I didn't even mention trying to afford to keep seeing what you hope is a good physio, chiro, doctor etc. It seems that the money always runs out before the relief comes. 


I interact with thousands and thousands of back pain sufferers through this site every week and I constantly felt like only certain people had everything they needed to see the results they wanted. The only people who really benefited from my core training system were the ones investing a lot of money to become students of mine.  

This is great but I created this site for the masses. Not just the people who could afford the information.  

Which is why I created the Core Essentials System. I designed it in a way to take out the need to have a trainer, doctor, physio etc right by your side the entire time. I also took out the need to be inside of a gym. Truth be told 90% of the relief I experience today was from work done in the comfort of my own home. Let's be honest most of us lead busy lives and getting to a gym can be a challenge especially when you're in pain.

I was tired of being apart of the "industry" that was only giving pieces to the bigger picture. I personally hate feeling like I don't have everything I need to be successful at what I'm doing. I feel extremely unmotivated and second guess everything I do. 

Please tell me I'm not alone. 

This had to change and since nobody that I trusted was doing it I had to make the change. 


Core Essentials has been designed to target very specific needs that back pain sufferers have when it comes to not just learning to stabilize their spine and create a stronger core.

Core Essentials was designed to remove the fear that back pain suffers struggle with. 

  • Fear of hurting your back more
  • Fear of re-injuring your surgical site
  • Fear of bringing back pain they had before 
  • Fear of not doing the right exercises
  • Fear of not knowing what is best for them specifically.

Core Essentials was written and developed by a back pain sufferer who knows what you go through on the day to day basis. I'm not some doctor just printing off pages from one of my medical books and feeding you information, you can find for free all over the internet. 

In order to have success in what you're doing for your recovery, you have to trust that what you're doing is safe and effective. I know what is going through your head because at one point it was going through mine. 

I designed this course to teach you what to do when pain is present and when to know it's time to progress. 

I hated having to wait until I forked out another $90+ to see my physio, chiro or PT just to know whether I was doing the exercises correctly, whether I was ready to move on to the next set of exercises or why I was experiencing so much pain with exercises that were supposed to be bringing me relief. 

Thousands and thousands of dollars were dished out and all I had were dead ends. My money always ran out before the results started to show up. 

You don't need someone in a white coat or sitting in front of a medical degree to get what you need to see lower back pain relief. 

I'll say that again. 


As much as we want to be able to turn over our struggles to someone else to take care of for us, you can't do it. You are the solution to your own back pain. You know your pain more than any doctor you will ever see. You are the first person to experience the pain in the morning and the last one at night. You know what triggers it and what brings relief. 

What you need now is not another doctor to tell you what he thinks you should do but something you can follow and see the results for yourself. 

Questions like: 

-How do I know when I am ready to go to the next level of exercises? 

-What do I do if an exercise causes pain? 

-How do I know if I have mastered the exercises I am currently working on? 

-What do I do if I am still experiencing pain even after adjustments to the exercise? 


These questions need to be answered correctly and based on your own personal experiences. Without the answers to these questions written out and explained with each exercise, you are bound to go down a path that you think is right but will only slow your progress down and leave you frustrated. 

The way the course is set up, you can't even progress past the first week without results. This sets the tone for the rest of the program and is strictly enforced around every corner.

I have been saying this for years and I'll say it again here. 

It's the non-sexy exercises that bring people results. The problem with this is people are looking for answers to their pain problems through mainstream "sexy" content. It's cool to look at but when it comes to applying it to your own life you are left clueless and still in pain. 

When creating this entire system I was almost confused myself at exactly what to call what I was putting together. It wasn't an "advanced core training for back pain" nor was it simply "core training for back pain relief". Both of those can't be packaged, sold or taught without the correct order in place but most importantly they both are missing a massive piece that you need to actually see the results they promise. 

These are what I call the essentials

-They are not simply modifications to harder exercises. 

-They are not a secret way of organizing exercises into unnecessarily strict rep and set schemes.

-They are not over complicated and complex exercises that even someone with back pain can't even do. 

From beginning to end this system fills in the gap hundreds and thousands of back pain students are missing when it comes to core training for back pain relief. 

-Core Essentials Structure-

Core Essentials is a 14-week in-depth video course that breaks down exactly what you need to be doing to successfully rebuild, re-engage, coordinate, and strengthen your core for lower back pain relief. 

The course starts off with one of my favorite aspects, the Coaching Corner" this is where I continue to add insider coaching tips that each back pain student can apply. Even after your initial investment, this section is constantly being updated with new content to make sure you are able to stay on track and getting around any obstacle. 



One of the biggest disconnects that I myself wasted years of my life circling around and what I see so many of you struggle with having the right information at the right time. You get to a certain point and you need answers to the questions your asking. Without these answers, you don't know if you should continue going or hold back. 

This is where the coaching corner comes in. 

Another huge issue you have is knowing what exercise you should be doing at the right time. This is why this system is so powerful. It is designed to walk you through each level of core exercises one day at a time. To ensure success and controlled progress in each progression is based off the week before. That means if you are not at a certain point by the end of the week or two weeks then you're not ready to progress. No more wondering whether you should push through it or take a day off. 

No more guessing. 

Another key structure point is the fact that each exercise builds off the one you graduated from before. This is not a "throw you to the wolves" type of program where you are expected to keep up with the rest of the group despite how you may feel. 

This course is done on your time and at your pace. Each week you have goals and "hot points" to cover. When you progress to the next week you can be confident in your ability to do what is coming next. 

Oh, before I forget, you can access any of the programs from any device you want. The videos and modules are 100% compatible with something as small as your phone. You can literally take this system where ever you go!


-Each week you have a specific number of exercises to learn and complete for the entire week to two weeks before progressing on to the next set of exercises. Each video covers the exercise in detail as it pertains to a lower back pain student. This is not core training for the general public. Everything you see here is designed and used specifically for lower back pain sufferers. 

-As you work your way through each module (week) you are testing your strength and your bodies ability to handle new and more challenging exercises without sacrificing relief. 

-Each video has a comment section below where you can throw out questions that you have pertaining to the weeks exercise choice or a specific roadblock you may be hitting. Between the coaching corner, the attention to detail and hand-picked core exercise by the end of the 14 weeks you will not only be smarter than half of the medical professionals you have seen prior to this program but you will confidently know you are on your way to a stronger core and more stable spine. 



A major roadblock is that I spent years second-guessing and seeking answers from medical professionals on what to expect as I started to rebuild and strengthen my core.

What was I supposed to do about the stiffness I was experiencing around my hips and low back?

My glutes were always sore and tight which was making my lower back hurt worse!


The answers to these common problems were not found anywhere that I looked (and I looked everywhere). What I had to do is do a little digging, self-experimentation and applied education to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. 

This is why I created Mobility Essentials.


There are literally thousands of mobility, soft tissue and stretching drills you can do that you can label "for back pain" but most of the time you are wasting your time on something that should not be a priority. 

As you work through Core Essentials from day one you will be faced with challenges mostly around being able to continue to maintain mobility and allowing the hips and lower back to move and operate independently from each other.

This is par for the course. I'll explain why!

One of the major focuses within the Core Essentials program is activating and strengthening muscles that for a lot of back pain students have gone dormant. When focusing on activating and strengthening "new muscles" you find a lot of compensations in surrounding muscles as well a lack of range of motion where it is needed the most. 

This is where Mobility Essentials comes in. 

Mobility Essentials is an entire 12-week video course that was created to go right alongside the Core Essentials system. Built and designed to mimic the bones of Core Essentials, this is a module based system that focuses on active/passive stretching, soft tissue release and mobility drills specific to common lower back pain roadblocks when doing core training.

This entire system is designed and taught with the lower back pain student in mind. 

This is NOT your generic Yoga stretch sessions. These are hand-picked and coached down to the small detail to cater to the lower back pain sufferer. There are key points discussed during each week that the average person would never understand simply because they don't know what it's like to walk through life with lower back pain day in and day out. 

While going through Core Essentials you will need to incorporate soft tissue work, stretching and mobility drills daily. I created Mobility Essentials for the back pain student that wants to completely surrender their core training and mobility over to the way I would coach you personally. When it comes to core re-development and the essential tissue work you will need, this is the complete package.  

Not only will the PRO and VIP students have access to Core Essentials and Mobility Essentials but they will have access to my Advanced Core Essentials Library. This is where all of my long-term clients go to add difficulty and progression to their core training programs. 

By the end of week 14 in Core Essentials, you will be ready to take on more challenging exercises that will continue to build integrity and stability in your core and around your spine. These next steps are essential, especially after you have worked through the 14-week program.


I don't believe in drastic changes in your training. Everything has a path of progression and once you have graduated from my Core Essentials system you are now ready to challenge what you have learned with even more advanced techniques. 

  • No wondering where you should turn to after completing Core Essentials.

  • No wondering whether not a more difficult version of an exercise is a good fit for you.

  • You can completely surrender your core training programming over  

  • while you confidently and safely continue to develop a strong and stable core.

The Advanced Core Essentials library is a full access pass to all of my own techniques with advanced core training. Everything is at your disposal and able to be viewed on any device you have. 

I wanted to break this entire system up into 3 different options

Basic - Pro - VIP 


If all you need is a done-for-you, complete step by step core training system that's not just throwing you a list of "exercises" to do but walking you through an entire 14-week rebuild process then the Basic package is for you. You will lack in NOTHING when it comes to coordinating, strengthening and activating your core to promote back pain relief and spine stability.


The Pro level offers the same Core Essentials system but stacks two bonuses that will take your recovery and strengthening, to a whole different level. The mobility, soft tissue work and stretches needed throughout the 14 weeks of Core Essentials are laid out for you in this complete 12-week system. No searching for what stretches to do to treat soreness and tightness you will experience during the program. It's all written out for you step by step. Not only that but you will also get access to my Advanced Core Essentials Library. This is where all of my Advanced core training videos are stored for students who have gone through the entire Core Essentials program and are ready to start adding more difficult and dynamic exercises to their program. After completing the Core Essentials 14-week system you will know exactly where to turn to take your ability to the next level. 


The VIP level gets everything the Basic and Pro levels get except an exclusive 30 min video session with me where we will talk one on one about your current training regimen, how to adjust the program to fit your specific needs, any changes or alternatives your current program needs, exercise and form critic and anything else you may need during that hour. I am there for you and you only!

I want you to send me emails like this...and you can if you invest in yourself!

and this..


$157 $114








$424 $325


I want you to meet Flore. She is one of my most recent Core Essentials students that has taken her recovery to a place she never thought imaginable. 

Flore was a lot like me and you. She had been through the wringer seeing multiple "professionals" doing exercises that seemed pointless with little confidence in her program. This was actually her treatment history.

I know a lot of you can relate to this history. It's what I call getting pushed through the system. She wanted something to stick. She wanted to have confidence in her coach and program. 



Let's assume your thinking about the investment. 

Let's do a rough break down of the typical cost of being pushed through the system. Of course, each medical care coverage will be different but you will get an idea. 


1st Doctor visit telling him/her that your back hurts = $115+ after insurance 

He/she orders Xrays = $300+ after insurance 

He/she needs a better look; orders an MRI = $500+ after insurance 

2nd Doctor visit to review MRI = $200+ 

From this point, you are given your diagnosis and you either head down a Physical Therapist route, Pain management route or Surgery. 

Total cost so far out of pocket = $1,115+/-

You haven't even gotten any information on what you should start doing now to recover! 

I personally spent over $900 over 1.5 months on a sports chiropractor. That was after a round of physical therapy and other failed chiropractors. 

If you could take 6 months of rehab core development training (mobility training and advanced core training for the Pro levels) and package it all within the cost of one doctor's visit how crazy would that be!?  

At the end of the day, it's the results that I want. Believe me I love saving money but even more then that is seeing progress with something that I have been beating my head on a table for years trying to figure out. 

Purchase Guarantees


I have spent years designing the coaching programs that I use today. I am at a point where its nearly impossible to serve everyone I come in contact with which is why I have created these in-depth training courses. I stand by every word, exercise, and strategy that I put in front of you as my student. 

I hate what the fitness industry does to people who are desperate for answers. They bait them in with guarantees and promises then under-deliver on value and quality just to make a buck. Because of this, I have put a "No Value, No Business" stamp on all of my training courses. If nothing inside these training systems provides value to you and your needs I want to personally issue you a refund. You work hard for your money and I don't deserve it if you are not satisfied with your investment. 




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