How I beat back pain


How To Beat Back Pain Using Exercise Even If You've Tried Everything And Nothing Has Worked

No Drugs, Surgery or Stretching


How To Beat Back Pain Using Exercise Even If You've Tried Everything And Nothing Seems To Work

Are you sick of overly complex and unexplainable reasons for your low back pain?

As a fitness professional I see it all too often. Coaches and medical providers giving blanket strategies to those who struggle with low back pain. These strategies lead to more pain and frustration and the belief that our bodies are fragile and not capable of feeling strong and pain-free. 

After rupturing my L5-S1 disc and being diagnosed with spinal degeneration, I used this exact same strategy to overcome 8+ years of chronic pain.  Now thousands of students all over the world are finding freedom from their pain as well.

The Smart Strength Method is your step-by-step guide showing you...

  • How to beat back pain without stretching, drugs or gimmicky products.

  • Why my "Smart Strength Method" for overcoming any history of low back pain is the most powerful tool you will use.

  • Why the majority of back pain suffers get it wrong when it comes to exercise.

  • Uncover the mistakes you make when it comes to core training for back pain. 

Start using the Smart Strength Method today!

No Stretching. No Drugs. No Gimmicky Products

Despite what you are being brainwashed to believe these are not a part of a long term relief strategy. I'll show you exactly where to start for long-term freedom from pain.

Discover The Simple Daily Activity That Will Bring Lasting Relief

Most Doctors, Physios, Chiros etc. make beating back pain too complicated. I'll give you one of the most powerful tools I use with all of my back pain clients that bring them relief.

95% Of Those Who Exercise For Relief Do It All Wrong

If you're considering exercise for a relief strategy you are spot on. Learn where 95% of people like you go wrong when it comes to using exercise for relief. 


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